Models come with an emphasised and sometimes coloured browbar, slim and long acetate endtips (in a wave effect, tortoiseshell, horn or carbon), round sections, and trendy shapes. The resolutely retro design of this collection conceals more than one technical feature.
And there's nothing paradoxical here: the brand has proven more than once that it can combine the latest trends with performance.
\ Titanium has been chosen for the fronts as the lighter weight allows them to better assert their strong character.
\ The model also offers a new exclusive hinge combining slimness with pure lines. Partly visible, on some references it creates a colourful sportswear feel.

Refinement is hidden in the detailing. This signature of the brand includes a range of finishes on the different models (tarmac, brushed metal, etc.). And the distinctive triangular sign of Exalto is discreetly concealed on the endpiece, nose pads and endtips.
With its slimness, technicality and performance, we say get ready, as 11A could soon become an icon of the collection.