The Ex∆lto 65N collection easily combines a technical approach with an aesthetically pleasing look. Its novel, patented hinge together with a clever combination of materials and textures gives a sporty, elegant appearance to this purely masculine collection.

A sophisticated system is hidden behind the apparent simplicity of the hinge design. A metal wire - firmly attached to the temple - connects the latter to the front. A screwless, patented spring mechanism with a carefully studied design.

Over the entire frame, deep, subtle colours such as "tungsten grey" or "cobalt blue" predominate, livened up with a splash of colour to the hinge.

On both the front and the temples, "carbon", "tarmac" and "raw" effects immerse us in a very masculine world. On the long endtips and sometimes on the fronts, colours bring the frames to life creating a honeycomb or chequered effect synonymous with sporting elegance or a tortoiseshell décor for fans of retro-chic.

With a detailed finish, the frame easily combines a technical approach and an aesthetically pleasing appearance to create an impressive collection epitomising strength and linearity.