The 77H Exalto® collection combines technical excellence and aesthetics through the meticulous assembly of materials.

The collection stands out for the ceramic part making up the hinge. Deep black or pure white, it is given a splash of colour with this metal “U” encased in the temple.

This meticulous and solid construction is reinforced by ultra-resistant, age-resistant ceramic, also recognised for its properties in sectors such as watchmaking and aerospace.

As a continuation of this hinge, the long endtip is embellished with a “perforated leather” pattern for injection-moulded models, or a carbon or tortoiseshell effect for acetate models.

Whether it is injection-moulded or metal, the front is striking: deep matt or satin colours, “tarmac” or “tortoiseshell” decorations unique to Exalto®, a soft-touch feel...all with a firmly tech-chic style!