37 tenths of a millimetre:
this is the height of the world's thinnest mechanical watch (3.65 mm to be precise)!

Slimness and refinement are also the hallmarks of this new Exalto model.

Both from the front and side, minimalism is just the thing.
In a stunning, super-slim frame, with sharp edges and striking shapes
(double-bridge and cutaway sides), or more conventional forms.
Faithful to Exalto know-how, 37D comes with a specially designed flex-hinge.
Barely perceptible, it literally melts into the good looks of the temples.

And from another point of view, another perception:
when looked at from above,
we get to see more detail on the hinge:
two perpendicular wires, their length to the nearest millimetre
for an excellent balance between rigidity and flexibility.

Contrasting finishes underline
these different features
and add to the astonishingly assertive and sophisticated style
of a model that seemed so discreet...